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MARLE SUR SERRE – 7 km away

  • The Barbarian Times MUSEUM and Park: live show, re-enactment and museum;
  • SWIMMING POOL: Marle public swimming pool is an outdoor swimming pool with a deep end, a shallow pool and a paddling pool for children. It is bordered by a solarium where you can both rest and get tanned. It is open during summer;
  • MARKET: Each Friday, there is a farmers’ market in front of the local church;
  • Shops and services.


  • CRECY tower;
  • Shops and services.

LAON – 23 km away

 A range of pictures of Laon and its surroundings is displayed on our Facebook page.

  • MEDIEVAL TOWN: True “Crowned Mountain”, the majestic city of Laon welcomes you, from the depth of its tunnels steeped in history to the summit of the towers of the cathedral to the fortifications of the medieval city;
  • The medieval city (upper city), medieval festival on June 4th and 5th 2016;
  • Bowling, cinema;
  • The tunnels of Laon (recommended by your hosts Flo and Domi);
  • The cathedral (recommended by your hosts Flo and Domi);
  • The grimpettes, renowed narrow steep climbs;
  • MARKETS: all Thursday mornings (at the Pont de Vaux) and all Saturday afternoons in the Champagne neighbourhood.

GUISE – 20 km away

  • GODIN phalanstery and the castle (medieval festival at the start of August) (recommended by your hosts Flo and Domi)

COUCY LE CHATEAU 42 km away:

  • Castle and medieval festival, Coucy la merveille live show in July (recommended by your hosts Flo and Domi)


  • The Chemin des dames and the Caverne du Dragon or Dragon’s Lair (WWI);
  • VAUCLAIR abbey;
  • The fortified churches of Thiérache (the Thiérache is a natural area which unites French and Belgian lands through similar landscape and architectural characteristics. It roughly matches the Western foothills of the Ardennes).


  • Only half a kilometre away, the forest of BOIS LES PARGNY;
  • 28 km away, the forest of SAINT GOBAIN;
  • 20 km away, the grimpettes, the POMA (funicular) and LAON city stairway.


  • THE Ô BIENVENU at CRECY SUR SERRE (complimentary cocktail if you say you come on our behalf)



  • Montée Historique;
  • Laon Foal car (automobile race);
  • Folembray track (48 km long);
  • Laon automobile museum.


  • In Chalandry town center (a village 7 km away from the holiday cottage);
  • In Mons en Laonnois on Canotte street (recommended by your hosts Flo and Domi);
  • In Clacy et Thierret on Jars Street;
  • In Laon on Colombier Street and the upper town pedestrian streets;
  • Yard sales at the week-ends (you will be informed of the times and places during your stay).


  • It is also possible not to do anything and simply enjoy the big garden and the peace and quiet offered by Mother Nature.

Click here Evasion Aisne to visit the tourist information website.

A portfolio and some leaflets are at your disposal in the holiday cottage as well as:

– Reference IGN maps, hiking circuit maps and others designed by your hosts;

– Timetable and information for the range of activities and services located near the holiday cottage.

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